2020-2021 Board of Directors

All members are volunteers, except for the President and CEO, whose terms of service are explicit to the Foundation’s governing policy. The Foundation’s Governance Committee ensures the Board represents a diverse range of views and knowledge.


Julie Fisher Cummings, Chair

Anson M. Beard, Vice-Chair

Michael J. Bracci, Treasurer

Susan P. Brockway, Secretary

Bradley A. Hurlburt, President & CEO


Sherry S. Barrat

Nancy G. Brinker

Timothy D. Burke

Sheree Davis Cunningham

Lore Moran Dodge

William E. Donnell

Earnie Ellison, Jr. 

Dennis P. Gallon

Dennis S. Hudson III

Kathleen J. Kroll

Christina M. Macfarland

Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Marshall

Jane M. Mitchell

Lisa M. Morgan

Elizabeth R. Neuhoff

Alex Rubio

Laurie Silvers

Susan S. Stautberg

Jeffrey A. Stoops