There is an inherent joy that arises from giving to others.

The Community Foundation has turned charitable visions into meaningful change for hundreds of donors through expert client services.

Maximizing Impact

Every individual, family and corporate donor comes with unique interests, assets and circumstances. Therefore, services are customized for maximum impact.

Establishing a Legacy

Our expertise in Planned Giving also helps donors ensure their generosity continues to change lives for generations, no matter ever-evolving challenges.

Additionally, the Community Foundation’s customized solutions, from scholarships to donor advised funds, allow flexibility in charitable giving.

"The Community Foundation has strategically taken a step back and listened to the community while I’ve served as a member of the board. From initiatives like On The Table to extensive research on focusing our impact areas; we are handing the microphone to South Florida citizens to share their hopes and needs. Actions like these continuously drive our legacy as a convener and leader in Palm Beach and Martin Counties.”

"I firmly believe in the greatness of so many local nonprofits, and I am proud to support them through my fund at the Community Foundation. The ease of recommending grants and planning my philanthropic legacy with staff makes the Community Foundation so much more than a place to invest dollars. It is a partner in my charitable vision.”

Susan Stautberg, Foundation Board Member