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Request Your Scholarship Payment

Congrats on being awarded a Community Foundation scholarship! Though you were awarded a certain amount, that amount is not automatically transfered to your bank account. Our scholarships have elgiibility criteria that must continute to be met, so before we can send out a scholarship payment, you must fill out a Renewal Form. In this Renewal Form we will ask for documentation such as your current class schedule, transcript, and financial aid award, so please have those documents at the ready.

Fall 2020 Renewal Period: July 20, 2020 - September 18, 2020

The renewal period for the Fall 2020 semester is over. Please email Alexandra Boyle if you have any questions about your disbursment. Please also email Alexandra if you are transfering schools or withdrawing for Spring 2021.

Spring 2021 Renewal Period: December 9, 2020 - January 29, 2021

The renewal period for the Spring 2021 semester is open now. The link to the Spring 2021 Renewal Form is only emailed out to students who deferred their payment in Fall 2020 or did not respond to the Fall 2020 Renewal Form. If you need to request a disbursement for Spring 2021, you can access the Spring 2021 Renewal Form here.

Summer 2021 Renewal Period: May 3, 2021 - June 3, 2021

The Summer 2021 Renewal Period will open in May 2021. The Summer 2021 Renewal Form is only emailed out to students who specifically request a payment for Summer 2021. If you are planning to take summer classes and want to get on the email list to receive the Summer 2021 Renewal Form, please email Alexandra Boyle to let her know.

I filled out my Renewal Form--what now?

Once you fill out the Renewal Form, it takes our staff about 2 weeks to process it. Once it has be processed, we will update the status of your form on Kaleidoscope to one of the following:

  • 'Submitted' - This means that your Renewal Form has been received and will be reviewed by our office shortly.
  • 'Under Review' - This means that your renewal form is being reviewed by our office.
  • 'Approved' - This means that your Renewal Form has been processed and approved and that a check will be sent to your school's financial aid office.
  • 'Deferred' - This means that your Renewal Form has been processed and rejected (either because you requested a deferment or because you have a surplus of financial aid available).

Please log in regularly to check the status of your form. If your status is not what you were expecting, send us an email and we will look at it.


If you are a student looking for volunteer opportunities during the school year or over the summer, email Alexandra Boyle.

Volunteer opportunities DO NOT affect your status as a scholarship recipient and is not a general requirement of the Community Foundation Scholarship program.

Questions? We're happy to help.