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BETR Project Logo BETR Mission

BETR project strives to inspire, motivate and educate all people to embrace a mindset of giving by demonstrating unique and meaningful ways to make an immediate and impactful difference.

Our BETR project Philosophy

The BETR project consistently models both large and small acts of transformative actions, thereby encouraging, promoting and sparking a mindset of kindness and gratitude.

Our BETR project vision

People will shift their thinking and actions in a way that will make them feel great about themselves and will create a movement for making the world a better place.

BETR project Culture

Everyone who joins in will be part of a non-judgmental, relaxed, positive, flexible group.

We welcome anyone who is willing to accept the philosophy that it “takes a village.”

Why did we initiate BETR project?

After 20+ years of being involved in all aspects of philanthropy and charity efforts, it is apparent people have limited belief systems in regards to “giving back.”

So often, people believe they do not have “enough funds,” and therefore, stay away from the philanthropic world. However, we found that people who either volunteer, mentor, or participate in one single event immediately recognize the power of giving.

Donating money works as well, but we prove that it is only one way to be a better steward in this world. We created BETR project to open the minds of people that have so much potential, yet haven’t found ways to use it.

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