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Established in 2024, The Matthew R. Cohen & Family Foundation Fund is a philanthropic endeavor established by Matthew Cohen in partnership with his mother, Adele Cohen, to create and honor the legacy of Matthew and his family. The fund is dedicated to supporting various causes, communities, and initiatives that align with the family’s values and priorities.

The four strategic priorities of the fund are:

1. Protection, Conservation, and Restoration of Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems

2. Education

3. Healthcare

4. Military & First Responders

The foundation is rooted in the teachings and values passed down to Matthew by his mother, maternal grandfather, Ellis R. Segal, and his late stepfather. These values emphasize the importance of opening one’s heart and mind to all people, developing a social conscience, practicing generosity, and sharing success and blessings with others. Matthew’s life experiences, including building a business, traveling the world, living in The Bahamas, confronting health challenges in his family and knowledge of healthcare broadly (his father is a physician) as well as engaging in various hobbies and passions, have shaped his commitment to living a life larger than himself. 

The ultimate goal of the fund is to contribute to making the world a better place by protecting natural environments, supporting education and future leaders, advancing healthcare initiatives, including rare disease research and supporting people with intellectual disabilities. Additionally, the foundation focuses on supporting members of the United States Military, First Responders and their families as they dedicate their lives to defend our freedom and keep our communities safe.

Matthew and his family are dedicated to making a positive impact in areas that are meaningful to them, reflecting a commitment to philanthropy and social responsibility.

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