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At TradeUP! we give financial assistance to students who have overcome the challenges of homeless, foster care, or other personal and economic issues and are graduating high school with a diploma( orGED certificate) and want to attend a trade, technical or community college.

TradeUP! will partner with carefully vetted and established 501c3 nonprofits who have been mentoring these children during their school years. These chosen organizations will identify these students for our donations and be responsible for distributing these funds based on need. Funds can be used for tuition fees and for “ wrap around” expenses such as application fees, books, supplies, trade tools, uniforms, transportation to the school, meals, internet access or as deemed necessary by our charity partners.

TradeUP! will invite businesses in our community to participate by offering students internships and future employment once they graduate in their chosen fields. We also hope to create a job placement program that will further help these kids find job opportunities.

We will introduce the “Triple Match”program. We will donate $5,000 to any organization that is able to secure triple matching funds for a total of $20,000 per calendar year. Of course all donations will be gladly accepted and are tax deductible.

We are an approved donor-advised fund at The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties who will administer our fund and accept all donations on our behalf.

TradeUP! is the charity initiative of The Firestone Group Inc, and its division, of Boca Raton, Florida. For more information please contact Jeff Firestone,Founder &CEO at 561.542.4616 or email for more information.

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