The new year is a busy time for industries of all kinds, as it emphasizes the expanding of resources and the hiring of new talent.

In 2019, Harvard Business Review shared, "within 25 years, people of color are projected to be a majority in the United States. As this key demographic rapidly expands, businesses of all sizes across America realize the need to hire diverse talent in order to develop products, services, and experiences for a changing population."

While organizations understand why they need to have a more diverse workforce, many are unsure how to make it happen. Here are a few strategies to help attract more diverse candidates.

1. Intentionally Invest and Recruit

Create a strategy that includes a strong presence/relationship with historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and minority, women, and LGBTQ+ organizations to cultivate and recruit talent. Then, work with organizations on sustaining a healthy and prosperous relationship. It is helpful to remember that diversity goes beyond race — it includes age, disability, religion, gender, and more.

2. Content for a Variety of Audiences

Diversity-focused job content does not stop with your website. Add deliberate imagery throughout your site and social media campaigns to ensure diversity in race, gender, education, religion, etc. Publish blog content featuring diverse topics or employee spotlights that represent diversity on staff.

3. Assess Your Hiring Practices

Automation hurts the hiring process more than expedites it. It's essential to include different personalities in the hiring process, as well as other departments.

4.Remove Biased Language from Job Descriptions

Research has shown job descriptions often contain unintentional gender bias — which means you may be missing out on qualified candidates simply because of your job description. This Glassdoor article has more tips.

5. Post to a Variety of Places

A thoughtful recruitment strategy will automatically post job openings to job boards, social networks, and agencies without a recruiter's intervention. Set things up so each time a requisition is opened, it automatically gets posted to job boards that are focused on diversity hiring.

6. Offer opt-in talent networks

Create a talent network for diversity groups so your organization can stay in contact with candidates. From there, you can share relevant information, job opportunities and build ongoing relationships. When a job comes along for a given candidate, you'll have a way to get them into the hiring process.

7. Measure and Track Diversity Efforts

Know where diverse candidates are coming from and how they are progressing through the hiring process. A good recruitment strategy will provide metrics for every source, program, and campaign to understand where your diverse candidates are coming from and which sources result in diverse hires.

8. Make Diversity and Inclusion a Priority

A diverse and inclusive workplace requires a cultural shift, so the entire organization supports and internalizes the value of workplace diversity. Work as a team to develop internal messaging around diversity, then build campaigns to make diversity part of your organization's culture.

9. Finally, Develop Current Diverse Talent

Suppose your organization can effectively nurture and promote diversity within. In that case, diverse candidates will see it as an admirable place to work and will be more inclined to apply for open positions.