A conversational approach using plain language can ease the barriers to discussing community impact with your clients.

When the time comes to discuss philanthropy with clients, advisors are often left wishing there were an easier way to discuss the results achieved with a charitable gift than simply to rely on aspirational statements such as, "Let's be sure your money makes a big difference."

Ask good questions.

The key to engaging in a more productive planning conversation with your clients is to ask more questions. Think about the long list of questions you ask clients when you are advising them on investment vehicles or drafting estate planning documents! A few good questions can give a big boost to charitable planning, too. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • What problem raises your eyebrows the most when you read about it in the news?
  • What are the pieces of the puzzle that would need to come together to solve that problem in your community?
  • If there were one piece of that puzzle you could put into place with a magic wand, what would it be?


The Community Foundation helps you build a plan based on the answers to these questions and more. For example:

  • Our team helps you refine the client’s definition of the “community problem” they want to solve.
  • We work with you and your client to identify practical ways that change could happen and how philanthropic investment can support the change.
  • We can connect your client with nonprofits that are working in the area of desired change, and identify meaningful and attainable milestones to measure success.
  • We can advise on what level of investment is appropriate and help identify other likely collaborators to make change happen.

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