In an era of social media and intense polarization of rhetoric, it’s no wonder so many charitable individuals and families choose to give to their favorite causes anonymously. And, bolstered by the United States Supreme Court’s decision last month in favor of donor privacy (affirming a position advocated by parties across the political spectrum), this trend is likely to continue.

We make it easy for you to help your clients who wish to give anonymously by establishing a charitable giving fund at the Community Foundation.

For example:

  • Your client can select a name for the fund that is something less obvious than their own. For example, instead of the “Sam and Vera Barker Fund,” your client can name the fund the “SVB Fund,” “Desert Family Legacy Fund,” or whatever the client would like.
  • Sometimes your client will wish to recommend that specific grants (but not all grants) from a fund be issued anonymously. The Community Foundation offers your clients the ability to opt into anonymity on a grant-by-grant basis.
  • Your client can rest assured that no solicitations will flow directly to them; the Community Foundation handles all correspondence related to nonprofit grants from the fund.
  • The Community Foundation does not disclose information about your client or the fund to any third party, nor is detailed information available through Form 990.