January Romero Reissman, Vice President for Community Impact at the Community Foundation, explains ...

"Our Community Impact Fund is unrestricted and flexible and allows the Community Foundation to respond to the needs of the community as needs are evolving and as philanthropic trends evolve throughout time," says January.

An example of a Community Impact Fund is a disaster relief or anything that may be ‘capacity building’ for organizations, or is adaptable and flexible, and allows us to use the fund in a way our community is needing in that moment. The Community Impact Fund is perfect for donors who have a vision that outlasts their own lives. It allows The Community Foundation to be involved in all the work that is going on.

And, as trends evolve, the fund allows us to respond to those needs. The Community Impact Fund is our biggest pool of money that allows us to fund our focus areas, which we determine based on the needs of the community. The Community Foundation spend countless hours, days and years within the community where staff have made relationships alongside partners doing the work. Those relationships allow us to guide resources in a manner that gives best bang for a buck.

Additionally, since we have a higher-level view of what’s going on in the community, we can convene folks together and allow residents to work more effectively and efficiently together to achieve more positive impact.