Lisa Loomis, Senior Donor Relations Officer, at The Community Foundation explains ...

Hello, I am Lisa Loomis!

As a Senior Donor Relations Officer, I am here at the Community Foundation to help you have the best experience with charitable giving. For example, we have a fund-holder who is passionate about the nonprofits she’s involved with and she wanted to set those nonprofits up for their future. So, we helped her to establish an endowment fund, which enabled this donor to leave her own bequest to endow them for the future.

Fund-holders are interested in certain areas like the environment, children’s causes, social injustice, and they are look for local nonprofits that are experts in these fields so we work with our Community Impact team in helping advise donors on nonprofits they can possibly get to know more intimately.

We also help with donors incorporate their charitable funds into estate planning, as well as expose them to new nonprofits demonstrating greatest in community impact, if they would like. To learn more, visit with us today.