There are many misconceptions about donating through the Community Foundation. Find out, myth or fact...

There are many misconceptions about donating through the Community Foundation.

MYTH: I can only donate through the Community Foundation to charities in Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

FACT: You may donate to any charity in the USA and, in most situations, you may support international charities as well.

MYTH: I must donate at least 5% of my fund balance annually.

FACT: You may donate out of your non-endowed charitable giving fund as you see fit. There are no required minimum or maximum distributions.

MYTH: A portion of my charitable fund must be endowed and adhere to a spending policy.

FACT: While endowed funds are available, the Community Foundation offers 100% non-endowed Charitable Giving Funds for those who wish to have the greatest amount of flexibility.

MYTH: I can’t name my heirs as successors to my fund.

FACT: You can determine how future generations can be involved as successor advisors to your fund.

MYTH: I must use the Community Foundation’s investment portfolio options to invest my charitable fund.

FACT: If you wish to invest your charitable fund, you may use the Community Foundation’s portfolio options or you may choose to use your own investment advisor.

MYTH: There is a minimum amount needed to open a fund and to make distributions each year.

FACT: Minimums are not required to open a fund or to make distributions to your favorite charities.

MYTH: I cannot make multi-year gift commitments from my fund at the Community Foundation.

FACT: You may make multi-year gift commitments when you use the proper procedure and language that ensures these commitments are nonbinding and approved by the Community Foundation.

MYTH: If I give through the Community Foundation, all my information will be public.

FACT: Information about fund balances, grant-making history and contact information is not shared publicly. The level of anonymity is determined by each donor.

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