We like to emphasize at the Community Foundation that there are many ways to be generous, and they don’t all have to involve money. Your clients can also give through their influence, their time, and other resources.

With the onset of the holiday season, now is a better time than ever to remind your clients of the importance of giving. There’s a reason so many holiday films revolve around the spirit of generosity. That’s because philanthropy starts at home. When family units find ways to give back to the community, they create a culture of generosity that members will take with them through life.

People give for several reasons. They give because the mission of an organization resonates with them, perhaps even on a personal level. Contributing to the social and environmental development of a community makes individuals feel a part of something greater than themselves and allows them to work with other people to impact the community positively. Many people give because they see others giving. Of course, some enjoy the tax breaks too. Whatever the reason, the important thing is for donors to give within their capacity to the causes that connect with them the most.

We like to emphasize at the Community Foundation that there are many ways to be generous, and they don’t all have to involve money. Your clients can also give through their influence, their time, and other resources.


In a world increasingly governed by social media, using influence can be an effective tool to get others involved. Just ask golfer Brooks Koepka who gives publicly to encourage others to follow suit. Giving publicly also increases awareness about a particular cause or fund, and studies show when others see someone donate, they are more inclined to donate. Social media platforms are a great way to get the word out, and there is always the tried and true word of mouth. People are more likely to join a cause or organization if they hear about it from a trusted friend or associate.


Giving of your time is just as impactful as giving your money. Donors can volunteer at local shelters and food banks, mentor, or help the elderly with chores, even during COVID-19. There are even ways for people to donate their skills for a good cause. Interacting with others will increase your clients’ world views and broaden their perspectives. It will also keep them engaged with their community, expanding their social circles and even developing or honing their people skills. Plus, there is nothing better than meeting like-minded, positive people who also give their time.


Of course, there are many ways to give monetarily, whether online or with a check. Clients can also give through a donor advised fund or set up a foundation fund with the Community Foundation. And for those who want to give in a more collaborative way, giving circles are becoming increasingly popular. They allow a group of people to pool their money and donate the combined, more considerable sum to a chosen organization so that they can make a more significant impact.

Other Resources

In this technological age, you can give straight from your computer or device. Some online or phone apps will allow donors to contribute money based on how much they walk or run, how many questions they answer correctly, or how many tabs they open online. And even without the internet, a donor can always donate tangible food, clothes, toys, and more.

Incorporating any of these methods of giving will benefit a community in countless ways. When your clients understand and appreciate how they are a part of making their community better, they will feel empowered, which will seep into other areas of their lives. So, encourage your clients to give the gift of generosity this season. They might be surprised to see how their gifts give back.