Eric Aquino, Community Impact Coordinator at The Community Foundation, discusses what to consider when opening a scholarship fund ...

"The first 6 things I ask a Scholarship Funder," says Eric, as he explains in this short YouTube video discussion.

  1. What is your ideal student?
  2. What are you looking for in a recipient?
  3. Is the ideal candidate coming from a specific school?
  4. Does a candidate need a specific academic resume?
  5. Does a student need to have overcome a lot of obstacles?
  6. Do you want to make it easier for a student to get into the school of their dreams?

"Sometimes a Scholarship Funder has an ideal student already in mind, and it’s almost like they have one kid in mind," adds Eric. "The best thing for a potential Scholarship Funder is to have an idea of the student but keep the criteria broad enough to create a great pool of kids."

Then, he asks, how much do you want to award a student? And, over what time period? 2 years, 4 years? So, if you are considering a Scholarship Fund, Eric is happy to answer any and all of your questions. The first six will get you started.