FREE ZOOM WEBINAR on Wednesday, February 24th, 11.30AM to 1PM ET.

Wednesday, February 24th, 11.30AM to 1PM ET.

Anti-racism protests swept the United States in the middle of 2020 to bring awareness to the significant racial disparities in employment/pay, educational attainment, healthcare access, and many other aspects of American life for blacks, Hispanics, and non-white residents. Throughout 2020 it was made clear that returning to “business as usual” will not be good for business, investing, or any aspect of our economy, including philanthropy.

So how do we boost socially responsible investments focused on racial justice and building equity? How can professional advisors help their clients get started in this work? Investors of any type — whether you have a 401(k), IRA, DAF, Private Foundation, or trading account — have several options to promote racial justice and equity. Join our expert panel discussion to explore the many ways to grow and deepen commitments to racial justice and equity through various investment practices.


Erika Seth Davies

Associate Director of Philanthropy at McDonogh School, Chief of Staff, Baltimore Community Foundation and Vice President of External Affairs at ABFE: A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities

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Michael Dermer

Founder and CEO, The Lonely Entrepreneur and Black Entrepreneur Initiative

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Bert Feuss

Community Capital Advisors and former Senior Vice President of Investments at Silicon Valley Community Foundation

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Tiffany McGhee

CEO and CIO, Pivotal Investments and CNBC Contributor

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