Community Foundation President & CEO Danita DeHaney Nias appeared on "The Talk Of The Palm Beaches" with Penny Pompei on 95.9/106.9 FM on April 14, 2022:

The reputation of many charitable organizations have taken a beating in the last few years with news reports of misuse of donated funds including buying a $6 million mansion. Many people throw up their hands and say what's the point.

There is an option in Palm Beach and Martin Counties where the Community Foundation gathers donations of all sizes from $100 to $100,000 and redistributes it to nonprofit organizations who are well managed, mission focused and fiscally prudent. If a donor has a special interest, you can direct that your donation only be used for that purpose.

President & CEO Danita Nias reviews the 50 year history of the organization and how they continue to make a direct impact on local residents of all ages.

Listen to the interview here.