Statements on unity, racial equity and justice from Community Foundation leaders. Please monitor this page for updates.

A Word from Our President

The Community Foundation mourns the police killing of George Floyd and the subsequent anguish and suffering experienced by his family, Blacks, and everyone impacted by this injustice. In the emotionally charged aftermath, many of us are feeling frustration, exhaustion, and a deepened concern for social justice.

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties pledges to play a role in advancing racial equity."

- Brad Hurlburt

, president & CEO

As philanthropic and community leaders, we stand with those in the community who seek to eliminate racial injustice. We pledge to foster an environment that advances racial equity.

Thanks to a collaborative dialogue and representing a pillar of our strategic plan, we have launched a Racial Equity Hub on our website. It is designed to support nonprofits, individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity.

In partnership with government, business, and philanthropy, as well as our community partners, we will do our part to facilitate dialogue, education, and advocacy for systemic change.

It is the first step, but we are listening and learning together. We encourage you to stand in solidarity with us to build the trust necessary to heal our community and nation.

Daryl Houston, Senior Community Impact Officer

Have you ever gotten to the point where you were truly saddened, emotionally drained, completely frustrated, and just angry all at the same time? Those are my feelings as a result of another unarmed Black man, George Floyd, who was senselessly murdered by a police officer.

The injustices that Black America, in particular, Black males face too often in this environment of systemic racism and downright hatred is unacceptable."

Daryl Houston, Sr. Community Impact Officer

As a young Black male in America, there are many issues that I have to deal with daily: having to worry about whether I will be maliciously targeted because of the color of my skin and looking into the eyes of my 11-year-old son trying to explain to him why society views him differently than the little boy that sits next to him in class. In that same breath, I encourage him and tell him that in spite of their views, you will be great!

I also regularly talk to my daughter about how great she is. Within the same breath, I tell her that even in the greatness she has displayed, she and other young women of color will face uphill challenges, but they will succeed. As far-fetched as this may sound to some, this is my reality.

Our society continues to avoid dealing with the ideologies that have created the inferiority systems in our country, the tremendous lack of equity, and acknowledging the privilege that benefits some Americans.

The injustices that Black America, in particular, Black males face too often in this environment of systemic racism and downright hatred is unacceptable. This environment will never change if we do not dismantle the institutionalized discriminatory practices.

Despite future challenges that I may endure daily, I will continue to hold my head up high! I will continue to refute the negative images portrayed of the American Black male. I will continue to uplift my fellow brother. I will continue to instill greatness in my children. The question is… what will you do?