Daryl Houston, Senior Community Impact Officer at the Community Foundation explains ...

"The Community Foundation is essentially an organization most engaged with nonprofits on a day to day basis and most understanding of the needs of the Palm Beach and Martin County community,' says Daryl. "Whether areas of need be housing, seniors, hunger or youth, the Community Foundation has a knowledge base with information on how donors can best funnel their charitable dollars through the Community Foundation out into the community."

Daryl suggests co-investing as a unique opportunity for donors. He says the Community Foundation has many donors who can allocate resources outside of our community. However, can chose not to based on recommendations by the Community Foundation. For example, as Daryl explains in this video discussion, a specific donor, say Mr. Johnson, has a specific interest in youth. The Community Foundation can then match a nonprofit focus area with donor interest.

He says, “Mr. Johnson, we know that you have supported youth programs throughout the years. We have a great opportunity locally for you to support, and as a community foundation, also have restricted funds we can leverage with yours for greater impact within the community we live.

He says a larger impact for nonprofits can be made by using donor resources within the community foundation’s restricted funds by putting both together, and a donor to support at this level, potentially impacting more children.