Meet Darryl Houston, a Senior Community Impact Officer at the Community Foundation. He explains the triple 'I' concept ...

Essentially, my role as a Community Impact Officer, as Daryl explain in this short video on the topic, is to connect nonprofits with financial resources. At the Community Foundation, we work with many donors who have funds housed within our foundation, and their intent is to support charitable organizations as a way to change the landscape of those in need. I have the unique opportunity to help direct those financial resources to those nonprofits …

As a Community Impact Officer, I work with nonprofits in several different ways. One way, I visit with nonprofits and gather information on programs and services that could match the available resources we have within our community foundation, funds our donors have left under our charge to support nonprofits demonstrating impact. For the donor, that’s the most exciting part.

I try to use the triple ‘I’ concept where the donor comes into the Community Foundation and has a specific INTENT in mind on how they want to use their resources. Our focus as a community foundation will then stay in line with that INTENT and support housing, if that’s the INTENT.

Next, there is I for INTEGRITY. So, INTENT for the resources we want to support, and INTEGRITY so we never shift in how the donor wants to use their resource.

Lastly, ‘I’ for IMPACT, the IMPACT on how the donor wants their resources to IMPACT the community the nonprofit is serving, and I get to work with our donors to ensure their INTENT is always the same and the nonprofits providing those services are impacting the population they serve.

For example, one of our legacy funds focuses on Alzheimer’s research, nursing and healthcare. But, the donor has passed. Prior to, this donor met with the Community Foundation with a specific focus in mind so my role is to ensure that the resources the Community Foundation is managing are going towards nonprofits near and dear to that donor’s heart. With that fund, we’ve supported a couple of local organizations to include Alzheimer’s Community Cares and Scripps Research so that’s just one of the ways we are accountable to direct those funds.