Organization: Economic Council of Martin County


Must be a resident of Martin County, must be a spring 2020 graduate of MCHS, SFHS, JBHS, Clark, Spectrum or Home School, pursuing a four-year degree with a major in Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Political Science, Leadership or another field of study that prepares him or her for a career that supports economic growth and job development. No minimum GPA or test score requirement as we will consider all eligible candidates who have demonstrated leadership characteristics and achieved success in giving back to others in a meaningful and unselfish way. Must display a strong awareness of issues that impact our community and be able to articulate actions taken to promote social, business, or political advocacy. One who has led a call to action and garnered needed support to effect positive change, creating something meaningful and impactful that wouldn’t have happened had it not been for his or her leadership. Submit a brief essay describing how you achieved success championing a cause and engaging others in active advocacy that resulted in positive business, economic, social, community and/or political change

Apply to: Email standard school application, 2 letters of recommendation and the leadership essay to

Contact: Cheryl Nevius at or (772) 288-1225