Benefits of Giving

The Benefits of Giving for Good

Caring for others in need is a powerful way to experience what makes us, together, a community. When you partner with the Community Foundation to make a difference for others, you elevate the impact of your philanthropy to build equitable, safe and supportive communities where all people can thrive.
Now, that’s a benefit to everyone.

Elevate the Impact of Your Philanthropy

You’re ready to make a greater difference with your giving. At the Community Foundation, relationships are at the heart of what we do. Whether you live, work or vacation here, if you want to improve our region, we are here to elevate the impact of your philanthropy.

Our Philanthropic Services Team fulfills an essential role: helping develop and execute your philanthropic vision. We work closely with you every step of the way so you can feel good while doing good. We know the organizations, initiatives and people that are successfully addressing the region’s most pressing issues. And we take the time to understand what matters most to you. We know that making a real difference requires real relationships.

We hold the tools and expertise to invest your resources effectively and responsibly. Together, we can create a personalized strategy to create long-lasting, meaningful and targeted change in our community.

The Power of Partnership

Choosing the Community Foundation as your philanthropic partner also has its benefits and rewards. Beyond the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is maximized for greatest impact, you gain a trusted advisor who is equally determined to turn your passion into progress.

Community expertise
From affordable housing and education to the arts and environment, our team of professionals holds the local knowledge to make your charitable giving more impactful.

Tax benefits
Partnering with us allows you the greatest tax benefits provided, significantly higher than charitable gifts to a private foundation. Starting a fund at the Community Foundation is also an attractive alternative to having a private foundation.

Investment performance
A number of investment options provide you with greater asset class diversification; you may also continue to use your own private investment manager.

Legacy planning
As our partner, you may specify to whom you wish to direct your philanthropy to in the future, for many generations.

Flexible funds
Our team can help your philanthropy do good in the world, anywhere in the world.

As a public entity led by the leaders of our community, your philanthropic intent will be protected forever.

World-class service
It is our goal to make your philanthropic experience more rewarding, any way we can.

To talk about partnering with the Community Foundation to put your charitable plans into action, reach out and meet our team.
Philanthropic Services Team

Discover the many opportunities we afford to elevate the impact of your philanthropy.
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