Mission, Vision, Values

Aspirations for Good

Behind programs, strategies and partnerships is our purpose: to passionately drive change that benefits people through powerful, meaningful philanthropy. Our mission, vision and values are more than mere words — they tell our story, illuminate our vision, and proclaim our beliefs. They are also an open invitation into a philanthropic movement that honors both leadership and service as our most foundational and aspirational qualities on which to build a future for good, forever.

Our Mission

We strengthen our communities by amplifying philanthropy and catalyzing solutions, through our direct work and in partnership with donors, nonprofits, and the community.

Our Vision For The Community

Palm Beach and Martin Counties are thriving communities where all people can access opportunities and achieve their greatest potential.

Our Vision For The Foundation

We are the foremost resource for donors and nonprofits on our most pressing issues and a leader in making our community a better place to live.

Our Values

Since 1972, the vision set by founders Winsome and Michael McIntosh was to preserve our role as a forever partner to a growing community, engaging the power of philanthropy to support our changing needs over time.  This vision still holds true and is guided by our core values:

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We seek to significantly Impact and improve people’s lives by making a difference in every corner of the counties we serve.

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We convene partners in Collaboration to advance shared goals so that we can accomplish more together.

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We believe in Equity. We value, respect, are inclusive of, and strive to improve outcomes for all people in our community.

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We operate with Integrity, acting ethically, honoring our commitments, and applying rigorous oversight to ensure we are trustworthy.

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We are passionate about Exceptional Service, customizing our support resources to meet and exceed the needs of our donors and partners.