Publicizing Your Grant

Building Awareness and Credibility

By publicizing your grant, you can build awareness and credibility for your work while recognizing the donors who have helped make your project possible.

The Community Foundation is happy to work with you to discuss ways to promote your award. We can assist you to verify the information you plan to share is consistent with our own records, and provide a quote of support if needed.

We kindly request acknowledgement of the Community Foundation’s grantmaking in all communications related to the project as appropriate, including:

Press releases

Website announcement

Social media



Annual reports

Other promotional materials

Suggested ways to announce your project’s grant award

Gain attention of your local media market by sending a press release that includes these components:

  • Your project overview
  • The challenges your project aims to solve 
  • Your organization’s unique abilities to address the challenges
  • The role that the Community Foundation and our donors have in accelerating your work

When mentioning the foundation’s support in your press release and on your website, please include a link to and add our logo as appropriate.

Take advantage of opportunities to share your story widely on social media platforms and tell your followers about our partnership. Here’s a sample post:

Thank you to @CFPBMC and your donors for helping us fund our PROJECT NAME this year. Your donors are helping us serve more ______________ at risk of ______________. Together, we can make life better for all who call Palm Beach/Martin County home!

Be sure to tag the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, and we will re-share your post! 

We appreciate all public-facing materials or events that mention our partnership to include the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties logo as appropriate:

Download Community Foundation Logo (AI)
Download Community Foundation Logo (PNG) (Use Share Link to Download)
Download Community Foundation Black & White Vertical Logo (PNG)

About the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties is a nonprofit organization that leads philanthropy locally. The foundation provides charitable expertise and vehicles to increase the investment options on behalf of individuals, family foundations, and corporations. Since 1972, the foundation has distributed over $200 million in grants and scholarships aimed at closing the area’s opportunity gaps. With its vast network of donors and nonprofit partners, the foundation supports initiatives that improve youth and education, economic opportunity, thriving communities, and crisis preparation and response. Learn more at
Need assistance?

If you have any questions about publicizing your grant, please contact Julie Lauderbaugh, Vice President for Marketing & Community Engagement at