Strategic Priorities

Prioritizing Our Work

More than 50 years ago, the Community Foundation’s founders had a clear vision: to create a charity that would support the ever-changing needs of our communities through philanthropy. Our Leading for Good Strategic Plan’s priorities stay true to that vision, outlining the ways our organization will commit to closing current and chronic opportunity gaps.

Our North Star Goals
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We aim to increase our impact and serve our community as a leader.



We seek to grow philanthropic resources and provide exceptional donor service.

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We endeavor to integrate inclusion across our work and operate as a best-in-class organization.

Our Short-Term, Five-Year Strategic Priorities

The specific initiatives that we are undertaking over the next five years to advance our North Star goals include:

1. Building And Sharing Community Expertise

We Are Building A Community Data Center And Story Bank That Allow The Community Foundation To Better Share Knowledge On Pressing Issues — And Solutions.

2. Sustaining Our Nonprofit Ecosystem

We Are Creating A Searchable Database To Better Connect Donors And Volunteers Directly With Nonprofits On The Frontlines, And We Are Building The Capacity Of Our Nonprofit Partners Through Trainings And Services That Will Improve Their Financial Stability.

3. Addressing Critical Issues

We Are Focusing Our Grantmaking Around Four Areas Of Critical Need:

Education And Youth: Programs That Will Lead Young People To Their Fullest Potential, Including Scholarships.

Economic Opportunity: Programs That Focus On Job Training And Workforce Development That Lead To Greater Economic Success And An Improved Quality Of Life.

Thriving Community: Programs That Address A Broad Range Of Issues Aligned With Current Community Needs (E.G., Arts And Culture, Environment, Housing, Mental Health, Community Revitalization, Etc.).

Crisis Preparation And Response: As Acute Challenges Arise (E.G., Hurricanes, Pandemics, Etc.), Programs That Meet Immediate And Urgent Needs For Our Area’s Residents.

4. Increasing Our Donors’ Impact Through Increased Assets

In Partnership With Our Board, We Are Cultivating Relationships With New And Current Donors To Grow Their Investments And Accelerate Ways To Make A Short- And Long-Term Difference On The Issues Closest To Their Hearts.

5. Exceeding Donor Expectations

Through Donor Engagement And Education Initiatives, We Are Understanding The Issues Our Donors Care About Most And Reinforcing Their Decision To Partner With Us. We Are Also Establishing The Center For Philanthropy, A Home For Families And Individuals Seeking Highly Specialized Philanthropic Services.

6. Growing Our Team’s Strengths

Developing Our Team’s Talents Through Strategic Hiring And Trainings That Will Best Serve The Organization And Our Constituents.

7. Embedding Race, Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion (Redi)

Updating Our Organizational Policies And Practices Through The Lens Of Equity And Inclusion, And Providing Resources For Nonprofits And Donors To Do The Same.

8. Increasing Awareness

Executing On An Awareness Campaign That Elevates The Visibility Of The Foundation’s Work To Our Aspirational Partners, Donors, And Friends.