Community Giving

For Good, Forever

Philanthropy is a powerful promise that life will
continually improve for every generation.

Give Where You Live

We are your premier partner in Giving for Good on the issues closest to your heart. With our donors, professional advisor partners, and nonprofit organizations, we lead philanthropy locally to close the gaps on current and chronic challenges.

Through transformative grantmaking and scholarships, we have been helping our region rise since 1972 — and we’re just getting started, with you.

The Community Foundation Difference

Whether you are a life-long, full-time or seasonal resident, you belong to a caring community that believes in the power of philanthropy to help everyone thrive.

Thanks to 50 years of community connections in every corner of the counties we serve, we are uniquely situated to help direct resources effectively and efficiently to address current and chronic needs. We are dedicated to investment oversight and attention to administrative and compliance details.

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Giving for Here, for Now, Forever

Donors Making a Difference

Sanjiv Sharma And Nadine Allen

A scholarship put Sanjiv Sharma through a Ph.D. program at Columbia University. That event changed his life. Now he and partner Nadine Allen focus their philanthropy on the basics of human need through scholarships and donor-directed giving to organizations such as Caridad Center where Sanjiv holds a place on their board, and Share Our Strength, where Nadine is Chair of the Board...

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Grantmaking in Action

T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society

Research has shown that health outcomes improve for vulnerable populations when the healthcare provider and patient share the same race, ethnicity, or background. To achieve better health, it’s critical to attract, recruit and retain a diverse pipeline of students in healthcare fields who reflect the patients they will serve, a mission that inspired the Future Physicians of Florida Mentoring Program…

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