Thriving Community

Crafting a Higher Quality of Life

Life in Palm Beach and Martin Counties is valued for its unique beauty and diversity of people and place. For all our abundance, deep disparities still exist across our towns and neighborhoods — both rooted in the past and arising with the present. We support the spirit and vitality of our people working to reach their highest potential as communities of ideal health, prosperity, hope and possibility.

Thriving Communities programs address a broad range of issues aligned with current community needs, such as arts and culture, environment, housing, mental health, community revitalization and more.

Funding that Helps Us Flourish

People and the places they live can’t thrive without the essential elements of life being in place for everyone, in every community — fundamental human needs such as health, safety, stability and creativity. We focus awareness, funding and action on initiatives that shrink disparities and promote equitable opportunities for our citizens to not only thrive, but to flourish.

See Us Soar: Grant Stories of Thriving

Inspiring, impactful experiences of local communities growing and thriving.

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