Nonprofit Partners

Funding for Good

The Community Foundation offers two types of transformative funds that turn into powerful fuel to ignite your nonprofit’s impact.

Nonprofit Investment Fund

The benefit of this fund is the strength and leverage your investment gains under our financial expertise, systems and oversight. When establishing an investment fund, your organization revocably authorizes the Community Foundation to manage the assets and reserves within your selected portfolio. You may request and receive up to 100% of its assets at any time.

Nonprofit Endowment Fund

The Community Foundation encourages building endowment as a source of permanent capital to help organizations attain a stable and secure future. More than 50 nonprofits hold endowment funds with us, providing them a reliable, ongoing source of financial support.

When your nonprofit establishes an endowment fund with the Foundation in perpetuity, an annual payout is designated to your organization. This option is best for organizations to assure donors the endowment principal will remain intact or to honor a donor’s bequest to the endowment fund.

The Importance of Endowment

An endowment is a pool of assets, a portion of which is made available annually for charitable purposes. Endowment funds are a source of ongoing financial support that can be invaluable in uncertain economic times when other support may be less reliable. During stronger economic periods, endowment funds can provide the means to expand support and serve as seed money for new programs and services.

Endowment Giving for Good

Endowment also provides incentives and assurances for nonprofit donors and leaders. 

  • Giving to a mission’s endowment creates the opportunity for donors to leave a lasting legacy of support. 
  • Establishing an endowment ensures donors your organization will be here to fulfill its mission for decades to come. 
  • An endowment can also provide financial security to those organizations taking on bold challenges and seizing new opportunities.
Make more “profit” for your nonprofit.

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