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Give for Good your way. For every inspired idea you have to help here at home, there’s an opportunity waiting. We connect your philanthropy to causes and initiatives that resonate with you, whether current priorities or future-focused investments. Have your own dream for the community? Establish your fund and realize the possibilities.

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Improving Lives

Community Foundation Fund
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Community Priorities


Closing the Gaps Through Grants. Support our community’s most pressing needs and the network of nonprofits who deliver life-changing programs and services.

Palm Beach and Martin Counties are unique in the diversity of our people, geography and means — and so are our needs. The Community Foundation works on the front lines to address the greatest issues affecting our communities. We need your help. Let’s lead change together.

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Raising Success

Youth and Education


Our focus on youth includes healthy development and educational opportunities, including scholarships for high-school seniors and post-secondary career pathways.

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Building Our Economy

Economic Opportunity


These grants fuel the job creation and skills-growth that our neighbors need to achieve long-term stability.

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Growing Stronger

Thriving Community


Awards are granted according to the community’s evolving and most pressing needs from year to year, addressing communal health, wealth, safety and revitalization projects.

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Standing Ready

Crisis Preparation and Response


Our direct-response to urgent needs begins by building informed, prepared and resilient communities in the face of disaster or threat to life.

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Driving Changes

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Take direct action on a cause you care about. Guide your giving with intention. Support initiatives and nonprofit organizations aligned with your vision for change by creating your customized fund today.

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