Community Foundation Fund

How We Help Communities Meet Challenges

With you by our side, we stand together on the front line of our community’s evolving needs to provide help and support that fosters resilience in the face of adversity.

Here for Good

When our communities are hurting and need help, we are here for them because your giving makes it possible. The Community Foundation Fund is made of unrestricted gifts that designate direct support to the Foundation and our nonprofit partners for mission-critical operations, aid programs and capacity-building initiatives that address local crises and needs. We value your generosity in leading our communities into greater welfare and security.

Responding with Relief and Resources

Whether urgent or ongoing, communities are vulnerable to changes and crises that affect their everyday wellbeing as individuals, families and neighborhoods — sometimes threatening their lives and long-term stability. Further, unpredictable events and catastrophes can alter the vital infrastructure of community health, safety, economy and education.

The Community Foundation prioritizes the greatest needs affecting our communities as they arise in order to respond with supportive strategies that help quickly and efficiently — and place action around preventing future crises. As a portion of the Community Foundation Fund bolsters the work of the Community Foundation as well as local nonprofits, you can rest assured your gift is achieving its highest impact on the community’s most pressing issues.

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