Ways of Giving

So Many Ways to Give

Realizing your philanthropic dream should come with options that suit your particular hopes, needs and timeline.  That’s what we offer. For you, for the community.

Every day we work closely with individuals like you, as well as your trusted professional advisors, to craft effective giving strategies that realize your philanthropic goals.

The Community Foundation offers several ways to help you fulfill your vision for a better world, now and forever. We can help you support an individual initiative or address an issue through a variety of approaches, and partner with multiple generations to develop a long-term strategy.

Working together, we help strengthen your return on investment in the community.

Giving Now

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)
A simpler, more flexible and more efficient alternative to creating a private foundation. You can contribute as often as you would like and receive the maximum tax deductions allowed.

A donor-advised fund can support the causes and communities that matter most to you, while the Community Foundation administers grants to your preferred charities (local or national).

The Community Foundation provides regular statements about performance that are available online and of grants distributed from the fund.

Field of Interest Funds
If you have a strong interest such as education, animal welfare, mental health etc., this type of fund might be a particularly good fit. Field of Interest funds allow the Community Foundation to make grants to the greatest need within your field of interest.

Designated Funds
If you have a passion for a specific nonprofit and its mission or a specific area such as education, arts and culture, the environment and animals, health and human services, religion, or even a geographic area, this is the fund for you.

Education and Scholarship Funds
Education and scholarship funds allow you to honor a loved one or a specific population of students, while giving back to the community with scholarships for education.

Community Impact Funds
Established by the Foundation, with community partners, based on pressing needs in the region that require a multi-faceted solution.

Supporting Organizations
A private foundation provides independence and influence, fewer restrictions, and maximum tax benefits.

Individually Managed Accounts (IMA)
An IMA allows your financial advisors to manage your charitable assets after they are donated through a Donor-Advised Fund.

Committee-Advised Funds
Committee-advised funds are established by groups, organizations or businesses who want to support causes they care about. Any amount can start the fund with immediate tax benefits and asset growth while the Community Foundation handles the administrative details based on the committee’s recommendations.

Corporate Giving Funds
Corporate Giving Funds offer solutions to manage charitable giving, engage employees in the process and maintain focus on your business goals — rather than opening a separate 501(c)(3). Administrative fees are minimal with no start-up cost, ongoing reporting or distribution requirements.

Nonprofit Endowment or Investment Funds
We help local nonprofits grow their portfolio assets and build their endowments so that quality programs and services can make impact in perpetuity.

Giving Later

The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties welcomes planned gifts, which may be part of your overall estate planning. Some types of planned gifts provide life-long income while helping to minimize the impact of philanthropy on the donor’s estate.

Legacy Funds
Establish a fund on paper now and activate it at a specific point in time, whether through the sale of a business or a designation in your will.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust enables people to receive income for the life of the trust, with the remainder of the donated assets directed to your philanthropic goals.

Charitable Lead Trusts
A charitable lead trust enables you to make significant charitable gifts for a period of time, with remaining assets transferring to family members or other beneficiaries later.


For every question about ways to give, the Community Foundation has an expert to help you make the right decisions. Reach out today. We are happy to assist!

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