Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Leading for Good

The Community Foundation’s current five-year plan is our blueprint to accelerate support for the current and chronic needs in every corner of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

A New, Clear Course for Community Action

As our community’s needs continue to grow, so too should the Foundation’s abilities to meet them. To build on our 50-year legacy as a leader for good, the Board of Directors and a dedicated Strategic Planning Steering Committee drafted a blueprint to close gaps of pressing community needs through philanthropic and nonprofit partnerships.

Adopted by our Board of Directors on June 22, 2022, our Leading for Good Strategic Plan outlines our priorities and actions over the next five years, setting the stage for the decades to follow.


Our Board and Steering Committee led a comprehensive planning process to analyze our strengths, our opportunities, and create a plan of action.

We formed a Board-led Strategic Planning Steering Committee to oversee the process.

Step One

We found common ground around our values under the skillful direction of Robert Snyder, Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Communications at NCCI.

Step Two

We partnered with Boldly Go Philanthropy, a leading strategic planning consultant, to enhance our vision and organizational mission, and facilitate the planning process to bring best practices to bear.

Step Three
Our Steering Committee

Eight members of our Board of Directors devoted additional time and expertise to craft a solutions-oriented strategy to take the Foundation into its greatest era of achievement on behalf of our community yet. We acknowledge their leadership and insight in directing our values and impact toward the priorities that will most enable our people to thrive.

Julie Fisher Cummings
Julie Fisher Cummings, Chair
Sherry Barrat
Sherry S. Barrat
Susan Brockway
Susan P. Brockway
The Honorable Sheree Davis Cunningham
The Honorable Sheree Davis Cunningham
William E. Donnell
William E. Donnell
Earnie Ellison, Jr.
Earnie Ellison, Jr.
Christina M. McFarland
Christina M. Macfarland
Jeffrey A. Stoops
Jeffrey A. Stoops
Engage More Here: Leading for Good Strategic Plan

You’re invited to download and view the full map ahead, from refreshed aspirations to inspired strategy. The Foundation’s plan offers five full years of purpose and possibilities to align with your philanthropic passions. Be part of the plan. Let’s lead good together.

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