Fees That Further The Mission

Donor service fees are actually a power source of critical support that makes our growing impact more sustainable, nimble and effective in addressing the changing needs of our organization and the nonprofits and community we serve.

Support for Services

Over the last decade, nonprofit leaders have promoted the fact that generating earned revenue and investing in high-quality operations (“overhead”) are just as important to the success of doing charitable business as any other type of business — perhaps even moreso.

When it comes to covering our administrative costs, we are dedicated to assigning fair fees for services, and consistently remain among the lowest in overall administrative costs (typically 1%) for a charitable institution of our size. When you note a cost tied to a donor service, that fee is fueling the ability of the Community Foundation and its nonprofit partners to fulfill their aspirations.

Service fees also make you part of the change happening throughout the area we serve. It’s the community convening, the strategic grantmaking, the donor connections, the nonprofit trainings and the promotion of charitable giving that ultimately transform the communities we call home. We are grateful for your continued support in every way.

Additional Fee Information
  • Funds will be charged for any extraordinary direct expenses incurred on behalf of a specific fund (such as commissions for sale of contributed stock, legal fees, mailings, etc.).
  • Additional fees may be assessed for other services such as complex gift acceptance, large numbers of transactions, special grant processing and review or other non-standard services.
  • Please note this administrative fee schedule does not include investment fees. Investment fees will vary based upon the investment selection.
  • Charitable funds utilizing Community Foundation staff for customized grant-making procedures may have additional or separate fee structures.
Fund Types and Fees
Corporate/Committee Giving Fund

For businesses and organizations to impact the community by distributing charitable dollars through a corporate or committee structure.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250

To benefit specific organizations providing a stable income stream with scheduled annual distributions.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250
Donor Advised Fund (DAF)/Family Foundation

For individuals and families to support a variety of causes throughout the United States whenever you choose.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250
Field Of Interest Fund

Field of Interest funds allow the Community Foundation to make grants to the greatest need within your field of interest.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250
Legacy Fund

An established estate gift that will benefit your favorite charities in the future.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • No Fee Until Assets are Received From the Estate
Nonprofit Funds

To support and sustain an organization’s future operations and programs.

An endowment established with the Foundation with a long-term time horizon.

  • Minimum $50,000 Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250

A flexible fund established with the Foundation with a short or long-term investment strategy.

  • No Minimum Initial Contribution
  • Minimum Annual Fee: $250
Education And Scholarship Funds

To benefit the community with scholarships for education.

  • Minimum $50,000 Initial Contribution
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