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Center for Child Counseling is building the foundation for playful, healthful, and hopeful living for children, families, and communities. Addressing the impact of childhood adversity and trauma has been the foundation of Center for Child Counseling’s (CFCC) mission since being founded in 1999. Starting as a grassroots organization serving vulnerable young children in Palm Beach County childcare centers, each year the organization now serves over 7,000 children, ages birth to age 18, through an array of evidence-based mental health and trauma 1 programming. CFCC leads the community in education and awareness of the prevention, intervention, and treatment of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), environments, and trauma. This public health framework includes education, awareness, and treatment of the effects of childhood trauma bringing the science to practice in Palm Beach County. CFCC aims to break intergenerational cycles of abuse and trauma, which research has linked to a steep cost to communities and societal issues such as addiction, school shootings, and violence. Knowing that safety is the main foundational block in building healthy children, families, and communities, CFCC’s work is focused on building caregiver and community capacity…helping the adults and places in the child’s life learn how to nurture positive relationships and safe spaces in which children can learn to regulate, grow up healthy, and thrive. To tackle systems, CFCC is training child-serving organizations – from child welfare to the courts – on shifting to trauma-informed practices. All people who work or live with a child can be the healthy buffers against trauma. This is the foundation of building healthy children, families, and communities.

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