Ernest Frank Scholarship Fund Created in Memory of Arlene Fulton Hammond

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“As we go through life, ” stated Ernest Frank, “it is rare (if ever) to find a person who exhibits truly good qualities in all areas, and few (if any) bad traits. Arlene Fulton Hammonds was such a person. We could all benefit from emulating her. ” Mr. Frank said those words to pay tribute to Mrs. Hammond, a neighbor in his West Palm Beach condominium complex whom he befriended in 1987. She became a surrogate mother to him, and he started this scholarship fund as a tribute to Arlene’s life.

Mr. Frank describes Mrs. Hammond as “one of the finest persons I’ve ever known. I felt the least I could do was commemorate her life in some way. “

Arlene Fulton Hammond’s daughter, Beverly Fulton Wilkins, was deeply touched by Mr. Frank’s gesture in memory of her mother. “She had a lot of wonderful qualities. He was perceptive enough to see them. He did everything for her. She couldn’t have found a better friend anywhere, ” Ms. Wilkins says.

Education was extremely important to Mrs. Hammond, her daughter says. The Ernest Frank Scholarship Fund Created in memory of Arlene Fulton Hammond “is a fitting tribute to my mother’s life. I am very grateful that he chose to do this. “

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Scholarship Eligibility
  • Graduating high school senior from any Palm Beach or Martin County high school
  • Must demonstrate achievement in academics and extracurricular activities
  • Demonstrate financial need


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