A native of Philadelphia, David made his home in West Palm Beach for more than 20 years. He was the administrative partner of Steel, Hector, Davis, Burns & Middleton (now Steel Hector & Davis), as well as attorney for the towns of Ocean Ridge and South Palm Beach. Additionally, he taught law courses at Palm Beach Community College. David was extremely active in his church, and served as a board member of the Community Foundation for six years. He was instrumental in starting the scholarship program.

Dave always said that he was content with his life, that it had been a good and satisfying one, and it surely seems to have been - a successful career, a prestigious and challenging practice, a prominence in the community, the bar, his church and his firm, blessed with a healthy and accomplished family, with a wife whose love, strength and enormous depth have been demonstrated so magnificently over this past year - all these were David's. And perhaps, most important of all to him, was his deep and abiding faith in God. David's life is an exemplar to all of us - the perfect partner, the great counselor, the outstanding lawyer, the effortlessly skilled leader, the caring father and husband. While he was here, he set a course for all of us in our daily lives which we will be proud to point to and should hope to emulate. "


David's friend and law partner

Memorial Service, June 24, 1988


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