As a community foundation, we are committed to addressing the complex challenges of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

Commitment to Communities

We are committed to building vibrant communities by uniting the power of charitable giving and innovative strategies to improve the quality of life.

From community revitalization to education to positive youth development, our knowledge and expertise ensures our donors are able to maximize the impact of their giving. Our proven track record of sound investments ensures those generous gifts are able to continue creating meaningful change into the future.

Many commercial companies are capable of handling regulatory compliance and basic functionality most donor funds require. However, our specialized approach combines expert knowledge of the local landscape with compassion and services designed to foster mutually beneficial partnerships between donors, advisors, recipients and the larger community.

Community Foundation Advantages:

World-class service – it is our pleasure to assist you in making your philanthropy more rewarding, anyway we can.

Flexible funds – our team can help you achieve anything you wish, anywhere in the world, with your philanthropy.

Community expertise – from affordable housing to education, the arts and the environment, our team of professionals have the local knowledge to make your charitable gifts more impactful.

Investment performance – a number of investment options provide you with greater asset class diversification; you may also continue to use your own private investment manager.

Legacy planning – as our partner, you may specify the people you wish to direct your philanthropy to in the future, for many generations.

Stewardship – as a public entity led by the leaders of our community, your philanthropic intent will be protected forever.

Tax benefits – partnering with us allows you the greatest tax benefits provided, significantly higher than charitable gifts to a private foundation. Starting a fund at the Community Foundation is also an attractive alternative to having a private foundation.