Donor Advised Funds operate much like private foundations without the administrative burdens or paperwork.

How to Simplify Your [Foundations] Life (.PDF)

Gifts to a Donor Advised Fund can be made during life, by bequest, or planned gift.

Here are the advantages:

  • Local staff with in-depth knowledge to help your charitable giving strategy and goals.
  • Contribute when needed, and receive an immediate income tax deduction.
  • Enjoy a quick and easy set-up with no minimums.
  • Make grant recommendations at your convenience to any qualified charity in the United States.
  • The Community Foundation handles the paperwork for you by issuing payment to your chosen charities.
  • Or - take advantage of online fund account access and grant distribution through your secure personal online grant portal.
  • Select recognition or anonymity on a grant-by-grant basis, or for all of your activities.
  • Select from many investment portfolio options, including personalized options with your own investment manager.
  • Involve your children and other relatives to preserve a family tradition of giving back to the community.

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