Bonnie Mitchell
Joined the Community Foundation in 2004

Bonnie Mitchell

Grants Manager

Why I Joined The Community Foundation

“I love knowing that I have made a difference by helping those with resources make connections that lead to a stronger community.”
Joined the Community Foundation in 2004
Conscientious manager, resourceful team member, and approachable communicator.

Bonnie is responsible for overseeing our donor-advised fund grant program, creating a high-quality experience for fund advisors while addressing many of the needs in our community. She builds positive relationships with donors and fund advisors by providing exceptional services and maintaining consistent donor communications. Bonnie also manages our donor platform for fund information and grantmaking and adheres to best practices for grantmaking. She always ensures legal and financial compliance.

Before The Community Foundation

Prior to joining the Foundation, Bonnie worked as Executive Director of The Institute of New Dimensions, a senior learning center at Palm Beach State College. She has held various roles at the Foundation including Grants Manager for Philanthropic Services since she began in 2004 but loves her current one. Graduated from New York University (NYU).

  • Holds a bachelor’s from NYU with a major in English and a minor in psychology
  • Enjoys cycling and being with her family
  • Thrift-shopping expert