Foundation fundholder Robert Yates is inspiring change through his donor-advised fund by making charitable donations towards equipping doctors in education and research.

After Robert survived a car crash that left his wife Ellen with an incurable Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI], he came to realize not enough was invested in the training of doctors on matters of the brain, and, there was “not a lot of choice” in patient care. As a result, those suffering endure irreversible disabilities that lead to a decrease in quality of life, which Robert worked tirelessly to reverse for his now late wife.

“Not everyone is in the position to donate a whole hospital wing in support of medical research, but many people can achieve the equivalent, one door or window at a time, if they stay in continual small but substantive support. Donor-advised funds, of course, are a very good vehicle for doing so … it is similar to supporting financial goals – slow and steady.” –Robert Yates