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Full-Service Philanthropy

The Community Foundation takes the extra steps to offer a suite of personalized services to help you reach your short-term goals while building a lifetime of
maximized community impact. For now, for good.

Expert Services for Ease of Mind
Philanthropic Planning

Mission and vision statement development, family meeting facilitation and customized trainings are available for your family foundation or other strategic giving plans.

Education and Outreach

Let our experts help you customize strategies that leave your personal stamp on the community through philanthropic research and solutions.

Grantmaking and Evaluation

Our team offers complete grantmaking and evaluation services, customized site visits, application reviews and more to assure the grants you fund are making the difference you want to see in the community.

Online Services

Easily accessible monthly fund statements keep you up-to-date with your philanthropic investments and impact.

Finance and Investment

We provide the expertise you deserve when making a philanthropic investment in our community. Ask for a private meeting with our Chief Financial Officer or Outsourced Chief Investment Officer to secure the support you need to execute your short or long-term vision for impact.

Need More Information?

For more information about establishing your nonprofit fund, contact us at 561.659.6800 or reach out to our Philanthropic Services Team.