Individually Managed Accounts

An IMA Empowers Giving Your Way

Your assets. Your advisors. IMAs further your charitable goals while your investments are expertly managed through a Community Foundation Donor-Advised Fund.

Benefits of an IMA Partnership

The Community Foundation’s individually managed account (IMA) program is a smart investment for philanthropists and their professional advisors. As a donor, you can establish a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to support the causes you care most about, while your advisor continues to manage your charitable assets donated to the fund.

Make an Impact with an IMA

Explore establishing an IMA with your trusted advisor and our foundation professionals.
Here is how an IMA works:

  • The Community Foundation establishes your donor fund account while those assets remain under your management through our online fund management tool. For tax purposes, the investment account is given a Community Foundation tax identification number.
  • Donors receive maximum tax benefits and enjoy access to our team of experts to assist in strategic giving.
  • Donations of cash, stock or other assets to your fund are tax deductible, with a receipt provided by the Foundation.
  • You may recommend grants from your DAF to support the causes and communities you care about.
  • Donors receive a monthly statement from the Community Foundation that details fund activity through our online fund management tool. Your trusted advisor may also be granted access to your DAF and resource tools.
  • Investment performance information is provided to you online and through your advisor.
  • Ready to Give for Good with an IMA? Contact our philanthropic services team to get started today. Establishing a fund is fast and efficient.
An IMA is just minutes away.