Palm Beach County Organizing

Additional Information & Resources About Racial Equity

  • Birth to 22 in partnership with PBC Community Services – Government Alliance on Race Equity (GARE), Advancing the Mission supports organizations who have gone through REI Phase I to operationalize and institutionalize race equity in their work.
  • To date more than 350 individuals representing dozens of organizations have participated in these workshops where they learned how to use racial equity tools to identify clear goals and measurable outcomes that will reduce racial inequities and improve success for all groups.
  • These ongoing workshops are designed to enhance leaders’ ability to utilize racial equity tools and assessments, identify policies and institutional practices that lead to reducing racial inequities and develop racial equity action plans within their respective organizations.
  • To date Palm Beach County has had fourteen (14) organizations commit to joining its local Advancing the Mission network, with another 3-4 agencies in the pipeline. The goal is to have twenty (20) organizations join the effort by the end of 2020.
  • As a network member Palm Beach County is able to engage in building local, regional and national collaborations, access technical support and resources that will enable our community to establish new pathways to deepen our racial equity work.
  • Organizing Against Racism Palm Beach County Alliance (OAR) is an organizing body for alumni of the REI and the former Toward a More Perfect Union to deepen their anti-racist work. Several efforts are underway through this alliance:
    • Data-driven: Developing Palm Beach County groundwater presentation featuring data from each of the major systems
    • Understanding our History: capturing stories of racism including structural racism in PBC
    • Race-based Learning and Action: caucusing through people of color caucus, Latinx caucus and white caucus
    • Addressing Systematic Racism: affinity groups organizing around three systems: behavioral health, criminal justice and education
    • Collective Learning and Action: general meetings when both caucuses come together